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Award-winning premium
vodkas featured at
Vic’s Liquor

Vic’s Liquor in The Woodlands boasts the widest selections of premium vodkas. We are happy to place your special order and help you find the best vodka brand to fit your needs.

  • Woody Creek vodka
    Woody Creek Colorado
    100% Potato Vodka - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015 Double Gold Somewhere along the way, vodka became a spirit for people who didn't want to taste what they were drinking. Making their vodka ever more devoid of taste and character, or by adding a litany of ridiculous flavors. Woody Creek potato vodka is distilled once, because that's all it needs and available in only one flavor.
  • Russian Standard Gold Vodka
    Russian Standard Gold Vodka
    Russian Standard Gold vodka is inspired from an ancient Siberian vodka recipe made popular by Peter the Great and has extracts of Siberian Golden Root. This ingredient creates a unique rich tasting vodka which adds vitality to any celebration.
  • Sobieski Vodka
    Sobieski Vodka
    Sobieski vodka is one of the best vodkas in the world, made from the finest Dankowski Rye, which helps give it its authentic, rich taste and silky finish. Sobieski received a Gold Medal, 95-point "Exceptional" rating, and "Best Buy" award by the Beverage Testing Institute.
  • Absolut ELYX Vodka
    Absolut ELYX Vodka
    Absolut ELYX Vodka From seed to bottle, every drop of Elyx is 100% traceable to within a 15 mile radius of Åhus, Sweden. Handcrafting gives it real quality and character for a consistently luscious liquid silk mouthfeel. They use winter wheat grown exclusively on the Råbelöf Estate.
  • 1876 Vodka
    1876 Vodka
    1876 Vodka is a new and innovative take on premium Texas well vodka. Our high-quality, affordable, vodka is handmade in small batches with non-GMO corn and is naturally gluten free. 1876 is made by San Luis Spirits in Dripping Springs, TX and distributed by Republic National Distributing Company.
  • Snow Queen Vodka
    Snow Queen Vodka
    Smooth, soft and balanced, Snow Queen organic vodka tastes of purity. Using the finest organic grains and fresh crystal-clean water from the snow-crowned peaks of Alatau, the spirit is specially distilled to ensure a full-bodied flavor with the most delicate finish.

Award-winning specialty vodkas featured at Vic’s Liquor

“Ever since I saw Sean Connery/007 order a “vodka martini – shaken not stirred” as Ian Fleming’s James Bond, I have noted that vodka is a serious choice for connoisseurs and purists the world over,” says Vic Page of Vic’s Liquor in The Woodlands.

Vic’s Liquor now features some of the most celebrated award-winning brand names from the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition held in February and March. Stop by the store to browse our selection and try a winner yourself.

The #1 spirit in the US

In its simplest form it is clear and clean, pure but powerful. Best sipped over ice, it can also add punch to almost any cocktail, shaken or stirred, for a wide variety of tastes. Vodka has something to offer every lover of fine spirits. Only the connoisseurs can pick out the subtle flavors of pine needles, fennel, grapes, wheat or rye. The flavor, as well as the smoothness, depends on the brand. The versatility of this ‘little water’ is what makes vodka the most sought-after spirit in the country.

How to enjoy vodka

Vodka can be drunk straight when chilled (or at room temperature to experience the subtle taste differences among brands) or included in a selection of famous cocktails such as the Martini, Vesper, Screwdriver and Bloody Mary.

Where to shop for specialty vodkas in The Woodlands

Visit Vic’s Liquor store in The Woodlands for the widest selection of vodkas, as well as all other premium spirits, whiskeys, wines, cigars and fine liquors. Located in the shopping center at 1500 Research Forest Drive at Six Pines or call (832) 585-1462.

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